Abolition Can't Wait: A Teach-In with #8toAbolition

Join a conversation on June 25 with organizers from #8toAbolition about why abolishing the police and prison system can't wait. Hosted by Haymarket Books and organizers from #8toAbolition.

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Thank you Colorado legislators for passing the Law Enforcement Integrity Act

Law Enforcement Integrity Act Passes with Strong Bipartisan Support

The passage of SB217 includes:
• The end of qualified immunity
• Requires officers to intervene to stop excessive force
• Outlaws chokeholds + use of deadly force on someone fleeing police
• Decertifies bad officers
• Protects protesters from police tear gas and projectiles
• Mandates body cameras and makes police misconduct video publicly available
• Authorizes the AG to bring lawsuits to force bad police depts. to change
• Requires data collection and public reporting on policing
• A Public database to prevent rehiring of bad officers.

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Next steps to support of the Law Enforcement Accountability & Integrity Act (SB20-217)

SB20-217 passed out of the Senate! The community really did this --- by demanding police accountability, developing amendments to strengthen the bill and pushing legislators to stand up for this legislation. SB20-217 will be voted on in the House committee on State, Veterans and Military Affairs on June 10.

Now is the time to contact House State, Veterans and Military Affairs committee members and other key representatives!

Take Action

Contact your state legislators in support of the Law Enforcement Accountability & Integrity Act (SB20-217)

Community, we NEED your support right now to pass game-changing police accountability legislation in Colorado!

The recent wave of protests in Denver and across the country have created momentum for real, serious police accountability changes to be enacted, and SB20-217 - the Law Enforcement Accountability & Integrity Act - will make badly needed progress toward such changes in CO. The bill will have a final vote in the State Senate on June 9 and then will go to the House. Public comment will be heard on Wednesday, June 10. If you support police accountability, please help make sure this law passes!

Raise Your Voice

Sign the petition in support of SB217

Police officers are government officials who should be held accountable to the people they serve. Demand humane, equitable, and constitutional policing in Colorado communities. Contact your Senator and tell them to vote in support of The Law Enforcement Integrity and Accountability Act. By acting, you will bolster legislators who are champions for police accountability by letting them know they have your support, embolden those who may be nervous to speak up and sway those who are undecided.

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Huge thanks to Maisha Fields and all the folks at the Dayton Opportunity Center for allowing Denver Justice Project and Youth Empowerment Agency  along with other folks from the Business Empowerment Network to host a know your rights training where we educated over 20 young people ranging from 6-16 on how to navigate interactions with law-enforcement to the best possible outcome. ... See MoreSee Less

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1 month ago

Denver Justice Project

Hello Denver and beyond. Denver Justice Project is putting on a, I Know My Rights training geared to educate individuals of all ages on how to be knowledgeable about your rights, and safety while interacting with law enforcement... Please Share the link below and Attend, in person or via Zoom.
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Big thanks to everyone who came out last night and supported the Business Empowerment Network.

There are significant racial disparities in who has access to financial education, resources, and opportunities. Racial justice seems difficult to achieve without some level equity. Equity in ourselves, equity in our communities, an equity in our opportunities. This is part of the reason Denver Justice Project has collaborated with the Business Empowerment Network. Keep watch for more powerful community opportunities to get involved. 
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Jacob Blake, is another example of the continuous Proof that this system as it is has never had our best interests as Black people as Brown people as  Indigenous People, in mind, and has been designed to allow officers to feel so comfortable murdering us, hurting us, and dehumanizing us, in front of our family, loved ones and community. #JusticeForJacobBlake

Police in Wisconsin shoot Black man in back multiple times, sparking protests
Jacob Blake, 29, was hospitalized in serious condition after police shot him several times in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Graphic video of the incident was shared widely online.
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It's not too late to contact your Denver City Council representative and tell them you want them to let Denverites vote on defunding the police and replacing them with a Peace Force this November! We need fundamental change, and City Council should put that kind of change on the ballot for voters to decide!
Write your council representative to tell them to support Councilwoman CdeBaca's Initiative 20-0824 using the template here: l.linklyhq.com/l/5uGD
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