Press Release: Community-hosted Forum For Denver District Attorney Candidates To Follow MLK Day Marade

denverjusticeproject Press Release

Group that organized Denver DA Recall to highlight racial justice & mass incarceration in 2016 DA race 

The Denver Justice Project will present a public forum with the four current candidates for the office of District Attorney on Monday, January 18 at Trinity Methodist Church (1820 Broadway St. Denver, CO), following the Martin Luther King, Jr. Marade. The doors will open at 12:30pm and the event will begin at 1:30pm. This forum will give the Denver community an opportunity to learn about the role that the office of the District Attorney plays in the criminal justice system, and to hear the candidates’ perspectives on issues related to law enforcement accountability, mass incarceration, and racial justice. There will be a moderated discussion followed by a period of questions from the audience. The event is free and open to the public. 

The Denver Justice Project (DJP) is a collective of local community activists and organizations dedicated to taking collaborative action aimed at transforming law enforcement, ending mass incarceration, and seeking racial justice. DJP’s first major initiative was an unprecedented effort in 2015 to recall Denver’s current District Attorney Mitchell Morrissey as a response to his unwillingness to bring criminal charges against law enforcement officers who have engaged in egregious uses of excessive force. In a short period of time, DJP gathered over 20,000 signatures for recall and helped educate the public about the role of the District Attorney in holding law enforcement accountable. With Mitch Morrissey reaching his term limit at the end of 2016, the Denver Justice Project is hosting this forum to ensure that the public knows where those seeking to replace him stand on key issues of social justice and whether they can expect Denver’s next DA to continue Mitch Morrissey’s legacy or to move in a different direction. 

As the Movement for Black Lives continues to struggle for an end to mass incarceration and rampant state violence against black and brown communities, District Attorneys offices have been in the spotlight as key contributors to the status quo, but also potential agents of transformation. The Denver Justice Project believes that the people of Denver deserve a District Attorney who sees themselves as a key player in addressing the broken, racist criminal justice system and in ensuring that law enforcement are held accountable for their misconduct. In hosting this forum on MLK Day, the Denver Justice Project hopes that a message will clearly be communicated: that our community expects Denver’s next District Attorney to break from the business-as-usual of mass incarceration and police impunity and to instead commit to being a powerful part of the solution to the crisis in our nation’s justice system.