Denver Justice Project formed in 2015 through a community-led effort to recall Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrisey. While that effort fell short, what was born from the petition campaign was a coalition determined to achieve criminal justice reform by examining and influencing the dynamic of elected officials, especially the DA, and law enforcement. Now operating under the name Denver Justice Project, the coalition began hosting teach-ins that educated the community about the power of the district attorney and took part in candidate forums and outreach efforts to get out the vote. Additionally, the coalition has been working on collaborating with elected officials in city council and elsewhere to achieve structural change in Denver’s criminal justice system and spends deliberate efforts to operate in solidarity with other groups and organizations working towards dismantling systemic racism and achieving reforms in policing.



The Denver Justice Project (DJP) works with historically marginalized communities to address systemic racism by transforming law enforcement and the structure of the criminal justice system through intersectional movement building, direct action, policy advocacy, and collaborative education.



Our vision is to transform law enforcement, end mass incarceration, and work toward racial justice through strategies that include education, policy advocacy, dialogue, and direct action using a lens of intersectionality and community empowerment.