Know Your Rights

One of our most common workshops is a Know Your Rights Training that helps equip individuals with knowledge and experience to navigate interactions with law enforcement to the best possible outcome. To schedule a training, email We have also provided some additional resources below!


Know Your Rights Booklet

Feel free to browse and download this handy guide! Our workshops delve more into these ideas, however it’s always helpful to know the basics.


For a version that is easier to print, feel free to download this file as well which will enable you to print two per page. In print settings, make sure to check off the option to download front and back. When you print, cut the sheets in half and fold to create the booklet!

Know Your Rights Flowchart

This is helpful for a quick rundown of useful phrases and how to use them during encounters with law enforcement. Using these phrases doesn’t mean that you still won’t be arrested, detained, brutalized, or killed. However, being equipped with language that can deescalate and better-enable you to leave the interaction unharmed in essential. Feel free to download and share.