I Stand for Adam: Court Support for the Fresquez Family

Dear community:

Please mark your calendars share this event and show up in person or online February 28th at 1 PM. The location is the Jefferson County Courthouse 100 Jefferson County Pkwy, Golden, CO 80401, courtroom 320. If you can attend in person, please arrive by 12:30. If you are attending virtually, please use #IStandforAdam as a user name. To attend virtual follow this link

https://judicial.webex.com/meet/Bradley.Burback (https://judicial.webex.com/meet/Bradley.Burback)

WHO – Supporting Community 

WHAT – #IStandforAdam (Court support for the Fresquez family)

WHEN – February 28th at 1 PM.

WHERE –  Courtroom 320 a the Jefferson County Courthouse 100 Jefferson County Pkwy, Golden, CO 80401.

WHY – Because Adam‘s life mattered, because Jeremy Allen Smith needs to take accountability for the murder of Adam Fresquez. Because the Edgewater community deserves better than Edgewater Police Department who tried to cover up this murder through lies, deception and by slandering the character of Adam Fresquez and because the Fresquez family needs our support.!!

Stephan’s story underscores a pressing need for consistency and fairness in the application of self-defense laws, regardless of race. It serves as a reminder of the work ahead, our commitment to equity, and the urgency to stand united against systemic disparities.

Let’s champion justice, support Stephan’s legal defense, and strive for a legal system that upholds fairness and equality for all.

Join us in this crucial endeavor.

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