DJP Team

Alex Landau


Alexander, among other things is a father, a Denver community member, a human rights advocate, and a survivor of police violence. Alexander is one of the co-founders of Denver Justice Project and has been a tireless advocate against violent law enforcement practices locally and nationwide since 2013, fearlessly telling his own story of being beaten by Denver Police. He has worked to create alternatives to policing with community based approaches to emergency response like Denvers STAR program.  

Gianina Horton


Gianina Horton serves as the Co-Executive of the Denver Justice Project. Previously, Gianina worked at the Office of the Independent Monitor (OIM). During her tenure at the OIM, she helped develop, launch and successfully implement a youth outreach program called Bridging the Gap: Kids and Cops. When the opportunity came along to lead a small grassroots organization, she jumped on board to work for the Denver Justice Project. As the Executive Director, Gianina increased funding which led to an increase of staff and overall reach in the community, established a board of directors, and rebranded the organization. Gianina is passionate about addressing disparities in the criminal and juvenile legal system and finding strategies and solutions that facilitate innovative change.

Cat Moring

Policy Director

Cat Moring serves as the Policy Director for the Denver Justice Project. Prior to her role with the Organization, Cat worked in municipal law, conducted research at the University of Vermont, and actively participated in political campaigns spanning from local to Presidential levels. Although Cat hails from Dallas, Texas, she relocated to Vermont for her college education, where she focused her studies on Urban Geography and Political Science. Her passion for fair and equitable urban development, housing solutions, and criminal justice reform led her to Denver, where she is dedicated to addressing these critical issues within and around the city.

Casey Childers

Communications Director

Casey is an activist and entrepreneur, in 2018 she founded Glow Up Media Int., a communications consulting agency with the purpose of amplifying the work of organizations, collectives, and small businesses committed to social justice and environmental conservation. She is currently based in Costa Rica where in 2016, she graduated from the United Nations University for Peace with a Master’s in Arts in Media, Peace and Conflict. Casey grew up in Colorado and is a Cum Laude graduate of the University of Colorado Denver where she obtained a Bachelor’s of Arts in Communications. Casey is an ally in the struggle for Human Rights who specializes in developing strategic communications plans and crafting narratives that foster radical social change.

Board of Directors

Jeff Campbell

Board President

Jeff is a guerrilla storyteller, a pioneering Hip Hop and spoken word artist and arts educator, he was named one of Westword’s 100 Colorado Creatives. He is also the writer of the critically acclaimed “Who Killed Jigaboo Jones?”, “Honorable Disorder”, and also “Fish Fries and Poetry”, an installment of the immersive theatrical performance ”Recipe”. In October of 2020, he released his first production under the advocacy project From Allies to Abolitionists, a story entitled, “I Am Raverro, the Story of Raverro Stinnett”, followed by “Message to the Mayor” in February of 2021. From Allies to Abolitionists earned the title “Best Artivists” in Westword Magazines 2021 “Best of Denver” issue that same year. In 2023, he’s excited to debut this production; “In the Pocket, the Ballad of Bobby Trombone”, a historical fiction of the history of jazz in 5 Points. Whether it’s work in advocacy, playwriting, music and poetry or stand up, Jeff knows the power of storytelling and isn’t afraid to use it. His production company Emancipation Theater is a performance art social enterprise dedicated to gathering the community to share stories and inspire action.

RB Fast

Board Treasurer

RB Fast is the Founder & CEO of Fast Impact, a nonprofit consulting firm. She has 25 years of experience in nonprofits. RB organized her first protest in 1994 and has been actively engaged in social justice movements ever since. She is dedicated to economic equity, healthy food access, addressing climate change, and ensuring liberation for all people.

Nina Askew

Board of Directors

Nina is a second-generation Denver native who grew up immersed in direct social action and advocacy. She attended her first protest for racial equity at age 4 and has not looked back. Her academic background is in Africana Studies and Sociology and enjoys finding ways to deconstruct the institutions that contribute to social inequities. Surviving an assault by the Greeley Police Department in 2016 and experiencing the atrocities of the criminal legal system has deepened her passion for reform (specifically the disciplinary matrix of police) and educating people on their rights. She currently works as the Community Outreach Coordinator for The BIPOC Alliance of Larimer County, whose goal is to create spaces of joy for people of color.

Debra Locke

Board of Directors

Jobi Armstrong

Board of Directors

After 15 years of residence, Jobi considers Denver to be his home, seeing how it’s the longest he’s ever lived in one spot. He grew up in small mountain towns from east to west and moved here from a secluded, culturally isolated place in Montana back in 2008. Dedicating most of his life to hard labor in the telecommunications field, he hit a roadblock in 2019 that ended up landing him in DOC until 2022. He has experienced all walks of life and considers himself well versed among the many different communities of Denver. He joined DJP to help make a difference, and to bring forth his first hand lived experience to help change the narrative of the racially motivated views and the undermining of the lower class brought upon us by the mainstream justice system. Growing up small doesn’t mean that you can’t make an impact that is big.

Wivine Ngongo

Board of Directors

Wivine’ professional background is in medical and public health research, health programs management, community engagement, and diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. However, her passions and experiences center around addressing racial health disparities for Black/Indigenous/People of Color (BIPOC) populations. These include her work and collaborations with the Colorado Sickle Cell Treatment and Research Center, the Center for African American Health, the Colorado Public Health Association, the Denver Justice Project, and other local community-empowerment groups located in the Denver and Chicago areas. She has authored and co-authored publications centering health equity in medical education and has current interest in pursuing a PhD tract in psychology to offer non-readily available forms of therapy among populations experiencing systemically removed access to behavioral health resources. Her proudest achievement is leveraging her gained knowledge and privileges around sickle cell treatment and research to help get her sister cured from the invasive disease in 2020.

Anna Leske

Board of Directors

As a citizen, a parent, and a non-profit professional, Anna is passionate about justice and equity. A self-identified ‘squeaky wheel’, she has never shied away from having difficult conversations and interrogating systems – or her own biases. In her work and her personal life, she advocates for and serves causes that address injustice through both a structural and community-centered lens.


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