DJP statement regarding the ongoing genocide in Gaza

December 11, 2023 

Dear Palestine and Palestinians around the world, 

We at the Denver Justice Project are watching in horror at the atrocities committed to your communities and your homeland, and like so many socially conscious organizations and individuals, we mourn your loss of life, justice, and liberty. 

We are an organization that is deeply committed to human rights and the liberation of communities of color. We unequivocally condemn the genocide being committed, and our hearts break at your suffering. The Denver Justice Project works day-in and day-out for liberation: That our people can live self-determined, free, and healthy lives. This includes living free from state sponsored violence, in any form, and demanding accountability from oppressors. 

To all who are bearing witness – 

As natural allies in the struggle for liberation we must remember our power. We have hard tasks ahead to push our elected officials, our big business, and our neighbors to recognize the humanity of our comrades in Palestine and beyond. It is also important that we not lose sight of the fact that in Gaza over half of the population is made up of young children who have zero control over the politics that govern their daily lives and nearly 80% of the victims of these relentless bombardments are internally displaced refugees with nowhere to go for safety. We believe that liberation is the only answer; nobody will live in peace until true justice exists. 

We are joining the desperate calls of millions of people around the world to demand an immediate ceasefire, an end to the collective punishment of innocent civilians, and an end to the belligerent Israeli occupation. The people of Gaza need an unprecedented and swift humanitarian aid response that nourishes their hungry, thirsty, broken bodies, hearts and minds. We are on the side of humanity and we believe that all humans deserve to live free from oppression and violence. 


Here in Colorado, there are several organizations leading the charge and organizing direct actions to demand an end to the suffering we are witnessing in Palestine. We encourage you to follow @copalestineco Colorado Palestine Coalition and @denverpsl Denver Branch of the Party for Socialism & Liberation to get involved locally and support the righteous cause for Palestinian liberation. 


With Love From Park Hill to Palestine. 

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