Our Mission

To radically transform the criminal legal system through intersectional advocacy that fosters safe and healthy communities.

Our Vision

Liberated communities of color.

Our Values

  • Strategy – Our work is community and people-centered. We work in and with the people most impacted by racism and the criminal legal system and who are experts in their lived-experiences. Together research current resource landscapes of our neighborhoods and identify institutional assets and the lack thereof, with the intention of outlining specific needs and solutions.  Based on our research, we implement strategic action plans that demand accountability from individuals, institutions and public policy.

  • Accountability – We believe that accountability is a key component to progress as is earning trust and credibility in our communities. By demanding that individuals in positions of power and institutions are held accountable, we can move towards radical transformation and away from violent patterns and practices that negatively impact marginalized communities. 

  • Transformation – Transformation occurs when members of marginalized communities can begin to trust and heal from the traumas of injustice. It is then that we can value ourselves as powerful individuals who matter and therefore become active participants in the advocacy for systemic change and safe and healthy communities. 

  • Liberation – Liberation of communities of color is the result of strategic actions, accountability, radical transformation and community empowerment. It is a cornerstone of justice and is essential to our mission of fostering safe and healthy communities. 


Our Objectives


Denver Justice Project is heavily involved in advocating for local policy changes in Denver, Aurora, and Commerce City, that we and our strategic partners believe will radically transform the criminal legal system and create opportunities to implement healthy alternatives to the violent policing and systemic abuse imposed on marginalized communities.


Systemic violence and neglect has resulted in significant trauma, harm and instability that has been normalized and that members of marginalized communities have been forced to accept. We believe that identifying this problem, listening, and healing these traumas is a fundamental step towards transforming the systems that create it. 



We prioritize collaborative education and working directly with our communities to share information about the systems that control our lives. From hosting Know Your Rights workshops to implementing Transformative Justice curriculum, we know that when people are better informed they are empowered to advocate for themselves and for safer communities.


The institutions that continue to cause great harm to our communities have shown a strong resistance to reforming their violent patterns and practices. The power of community lead direct action is a healthy way for people to participate in the process of demanding change. Direct action visualizes the problems we face and brings attention to the plight of the people. 

Our work is not possible without the support of people like you.

As a small grassroots organization, our work depends on the support of the community. We believe radically transforming the criminal legal system is crucial and must be a priority. We are working to amplify the voices in our communities and confront the violent system of policing in hopes of fostering safe and healthy communities. Join us!


We are on a mission to radically transform the criminal legal system and we need your support! Join us!