Jeremy Alan Smith arrested and charge for the murder of Adam Fresquez

December 13, 2023

For the last seven months we have been waiting for Jeremy Alan Smith, the person who killed Adam to be brought to justice. For the last seven months, we have called, organized and protested demanding that Jeremy Alan Smith, the person who maced and then shot Adam twice in his back answer for what he has done to our beloved family member. For the last seven months we have done everything we can as a family and as a community to hold the Edgewater Police Department accountable for their negligence in Adam’s case, hold them accountable for their inept investigation that determined from the moment that Adam was killed Edgewater Police Department determined that his life didn’t matter and that his killer would never face justice. For the last seven months we have done everything except mourn the life shattering loss of Adam Michael Frequez. 

Today, we are relieved to know that DA Alexis King has decided after three months of an investigation by her office to do the right thing and arrest Jeremy Alan Smith for murdering Adam and charge him with second degree murder and manslaughter. We are relieved to know the facts proved that there are too many unanswered questions and too many inconsistencies with the investigation conducted by Edgewater police Department to simply take the word of the murderer who drove away after killing Adam and did not  turn himself in until half an hour later. We can finally take a deep breath knowing that the last seven months of sleepless nights and searching for answers have resulted in Jeremy Alan Smith having to answer for what he has done to Adam and for what he has taken from Adam’s mother and father, from Adam’s young children, from Adam’s partner and from Adam’s siblings. Our work here is not done until we have justice for Adam and today we are encouraged to continue that struggle. 

This is just the beginning. As a family and with the support of our community we will continue our struggle to obtain justice for Adam. We are worried about what valuable evidence may have been lost, destroyed or never collected at all by Edgewater Police Dept. during this investigation and we hope that Alexis King’s office will be able to prove guilt and that Adam’s Jeremy Alan Smith will be held accountable for his death. Jeremy Alan Smith should have been arrested the same day he murdered Adam, not seven months later. Part of obtaining justice will be holding the Edgewater Police Department accountable for their blatant violations of law enforcement ethics and due process, in addition to a well documented history of patterns and practices of various levels of misconduct. Seguimos! 


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