From the beginning we have prioritized collaborative education and working directly with our communities to share information about the systems that continue to cause harm generation after generation. From hosting Know Your Rights workshops to implementing Restorative Justice curriculum, we know that when people are better informed they are empowered to advocate for themselves and for safer communities. 

Know Your Rights

Denver Justice Projects provides Know Your Rights Training workshops that are intended to arm the participants with the knowledge about how to navigate interactions with law-enforcement to their best ability in hopes of the safest possible outcome. This training is also geared to help community members understand their Constitutional Rights and assess interactions with police should their Rights be violated.

District Attorney 101

DJP offers workshops that are geared towards informing community members and voters with knowledge regarding the role, power, dynamics and influence of the District Attorneys’ Office. Participants gain a deeper understanding of how powerful the role of the DA is on our criminal legal system. Participants also leave our workshops with a clear understanding of how district attorneys play a key role in either perpetuating or curbing the abuse and violence of law-enforcement on our communities. Community members leave this training with the knowledge and understanding that a DA is the most influential person in the entire criminal legal system.

Transformative and Restorative Justice

DJP has developed a curriculum that engages students in a process designed to assess conflict within themselves and in their communities as well as identify the ways in which they have both caused and received harm. Participants in this training gain powerful insight and knowledge around how to resolve conflicts and reach resolution through alternative methods working with the community as opposed to the criminal legal system. Denver Justice Project knows that transformative restorative justice practices have proven to be truly influential and are pivotal components required to reach a true level of healing and accountability within ourselves and our communities.


Our mission is to radically transform the criminal legal system through intersectional advocacy that fosters safe and healthy communities. Join us!