Dear District Attorney Beth McCann,

As an elected official committed to serving and upholding the rights of the people of Colorado, I stand in support of the decision to drop all charges against Stephan Long. It is evident that Mr. Long was exercising his legally recognized right to defend himself in a situation of clear and immediate threat. Recognizing and upholding this right is not only a matter of legal justice but also a reflection of our collective values as a country that prioritizes the safety and rights of its citizens.

As a representative of the People of Colorado, it is my duty to ensure that the rights voted upon and established by our community are respected and protected. The dismissal of all charges against Stephan Long is a necessary step towards affirming our commitment to justice and the rule of law, ensuring that individuals are not unjustly penalized for acting in their own defense.

I hereby express my full support in the dismissal of all charges against Stephan Long and urge my fellow officials to join me in this stance, advocating for a fair and just resolution in accordance with the principles we have pledged to uphold.


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