Last week, the Denver Justice Project engaged in a powerful Week of Action for Stephan Long leading up to his court appearance on May 17th. Here’s a recap of our efforts and the incredible community support we received.

Tuesday, May 14th: Mobilizing Community Support

We kicked off the week by urging community members to contact their local representatives to sign our Letter of Support for Stephan Long. This initiative aimed to rally political support and highlight the community’s stance on this important issue.

Wednesday, May 15th: Call and Email Campaign

Our efforts continued with a robust Call and Email campaign, encouraging people to reach out to Denver DA Beth McCann’s office. We emphasized that self-defense is not a crime and urged her to drop the remaining charge against Stephan Long. The community response was overwhelming, demonstrating the power of collective action.

Thursday, May 16th: Press Conference and Letter Delivery

On Thursday, we held a press conference at the DA’s office. During this event, we delivered over 500 letters signed by state representatives Tim Hernandez and Leslie Herod, Denver City Council members, community organizations, and everyday citizens. These letters demanded the immediate dismissal of the first-degree murder charge against Stephan. The press conference was a significant moment, showcasing the broad support for Stephan from various sectors of the community.

Friday, May 17th: Court Support

We concluded the Week of Action with Court Support, where community members showed up in force to support Stephan and his family, both in person and virtually. During the motions hearing, it was revealed that the lead investigator who questioned Stephan on the day of the shooting had been coercive and ignored Stephan’s multiple requests for legal counsel. This revelation underscored the importance of our fight and the injustices faced by Stephan.

Our fight for Stephan Long’s freedom remains unwavering. We are deeply grateful to everyone who participated and took action. Your support is crucial in our ongoing battle for justice. Together, we can make a difference and ensure that self-defense is recognized and respected as a fundamental right.

Thank you for standing with Stephan Long and the Denver Justice Project